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상품 목록
( Model Number : YS-206 )
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Easy&joyful  exercise!  
WELL-MA206 provides all the exercises for fun!  
*.You"llsculpt your entire body while riding on WELL-MA 206,and enjoy 
   a riding horse ,Everywhere!  
*.in your home, in all the fitness  centers.  
Yoo can fell real  riding  horse  and get an effect of calorieburning,  
low-impact total body workout.  
*.Get increase of vital  capacity, strengthening of the bowels capacitty  
   and the abdominal muscle.  
*.Get  into shape and sculpt your buttocks, hips and thights at once…for less
*.Get strengthening of a pelvis and sphincter  
*.Get  the dissolution of constipation.  
*.Get  rid of the stress  of modern life.  
TEL:82-31-902-4434     FAX:82-31-902-4438  





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